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Thread: Gate preparation

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    Gate preparation

    Hello everyone !
    I want to know what should be the approach that I should follow, to prepare better for GATE 2014.
    Please advise !

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    Re: Gate preparation

    you should look for reference books first. and then solve the questions from G K publication book.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Read standard books.. more useful than GK publication book..

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Be clear with all concepts whatever you studied from 1st year btech..and then solve the previous year question papers.And then go for some standard books like GK Publications etc.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    I dont understand why are you recoomending the books of GK Publications. Every book of GK is full of mistakes and irrelevent questions. If you read these books you will not get anything. Reading form books like GK 's is just wast of money and time. If want to crack gate, read your good text books and practice books like GATE Kanodia. Every book of Kanodia is excellent. Every problem of Kanodia is model problem for gate. Every problem in Kanodia book has full solution.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    yaa, deepak is correct. GK publication books are not good. These books are just pieces of trash. Reading the gk books is waste of time. If you read gk book 5 year, you will get nothing.
    It would be better to read good text books and do problem practice from Kanodia books.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    made easy publication and arihant publications are best for preparing gate or ies exams

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    Re: Gate preparation

    I agree to it.
    I have done it.
    You should do it!

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    Re: Gate preparation

    as far as Arihant or made easy books are concern, kanodia books are far better than these books. If you want to crack gate read kanodia books. All toppers recommend kanodia books.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    for gate 2014 you have lot of time,
    take it organised, divide your approach into engineering subjects, maths, apti and english,

    1. Go through the syllabus once.
    2.Start quick preparation by taking engineering subjects one at a time
    3. Allot each subject 2 days, in this two days deeply analyse how many topics are to be covered and identify the pain areas. Gate wont be like university papers. Here you will get numerical questions which you may not even think that a numerical question is possible on that topic.
    simillarly analyze maths also.
    within 20 days you will understand where you stand, which subject you are strong.
    collect all standard text books. never go for unauthentic books like gk pub or random guides for gate..seriously they wont work at all
    4.plan Till march 2013 end and try completing one round of preparation for gate. Better to contact your seniors who went for coaching or given gate seriously.
    5.I april you can decide if you need coaching or not. Depends on your capabilities.
    atleast you should take material from leading institutes for gate coaching like ace hyderabad or gate forum.
    prepare seriously till november and start giving mock exams in dec 2013 and jan 2014.
    All the best
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