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Thread: Mechanical projects Ideas

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    Mechanical projects Ideas

    hi i am looking for new design ideas for analysis projects using ansys or ansys work bench. can any one suggest topics or papers / journals regarding them.i also want projects reports to compare.

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    Blog 32 Re: mechanical projects

    Air Suspension system

    Sensotronic Braking System

    Moulds in Casting of Plastics and Thermoforming

    Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

    ConCurrent Engineering

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Weber carburetors

    Corrugated Metals

    Future of FEA iN MAnufacturing

    Butterfly valvecatalytic converter


    Ballastic Particle Manufacturing

    Vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts

    Laser radar Guns

    Automation in building construction, agriculture etc

    Precision manufacturing and Inspection

    Reliability and risk analysis

    Optimisation of Mechanical Systems

    Cruise missile technology

    Fast breeder reactor technology

    Advanced safety features in nuclear reactors

    Reusable launch vehicles

    MHD submarine


    Jetropha based biodiesel

    Free Electron Laser

    Durability in Design

    Failure mode evaluation and criticality analysis

    Green fuels

    MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)

    Aircraft Maneuverability

    Piston less dual chamber rocket fuel pump

    Traction control

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Vacuum Work holding

    New rolling technique for texturing

    Acoustic Parking Systems

    Flywheel Batteries

    Highly Productive And Reconfigurable Manufacturing System, (Hiparms)

    Hydrogen Car

    Active Control of Near-Wall Turbulent Flow

    Power frequency magnetic fields

    Multi Valve Engine

    Power System Contingencies

    Non Destructive Evaluation Techniques

    Trenchless Technology

    Recycling Of Plastics

    Low Cost Spacecraft Simulator

    Particle Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites

    Total Productive Maintenance

    New Finite Element Analysis for Unsteady 3D Natural Convection

    Electric Automobiles

    Modern Air Pollution Control Technologies

    Expert Technician System

    Explosive Welding

    Orbital Welding

    Welding Robots
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    Re: Mechanical projects Ideas

    hi i am sabari i am during 3rd year BE Mechanical. i have need mini project ideas. please send fabrication project

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    Re: mechanical projects

    welding robot is it already in use???

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    Re: Mechanical projects Ideas

    Thnx for wonderful suggestions........
    good work faadooengineers.

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