This can blow your minds off but the latest information about 100 Gbps is true.

DARPA has began development of 100 Gbps wireless link with a 120 mile range, which will make the US military have 5x the speed of current wireless networks. The projectís internally called 100G or 100 Gb/s RF Backbone. If the numbers donít make any sense to you, be aware that your shiny wireless router probably maxes out at 100 Mbps, about 1000 times slower.

The wireless data transmission technology has advanced to deliver up to 2.5 Tbps but only up to a distance of one meter in labs. The current viable option for high speed data transfer over longer distance is radio frequencies, and DARPAĎs engineering team says that even 100 Gbps transmission over 120 miles range is quite tough. Itís expected that the 100G project will rely on lower-frequency Ku band which tolerates the atmospheric variations to a greater extent. With advancements in multiplexing and encoding techniques, the team believes that Ku band will be able to deliver 100 Gbps over long distance.