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Thread: Digital Circuits Viva Questions and lab material

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    Digital Circuits Viva Questions and lab material

    can anyone post the Digital Circuits Viva Questions and lab material.
    RF Lab material and viva quetions ...

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    Re: Digital Circuits Viva Questions and lab material

    here are some questions:
    1.which are types of modeling styles.
    2. Which style is used for design of Full adder using half adder?
    3. difference between behavioral and data flow modeling.
    4. Bolean expressions for all combinational logics such as half adder, full adder,bin to gray and gray to bin,bcd 2 excess-3 etc.
    5. Sequential statements
    6. What is port declaration?
    7. Types of counters, block diagrams, programming.
    8. writtting pgm for mux, decoder etc.using basic logic gates or components
    9 What is component instantiation?
    10 define simulation and synthesis.
    11. which simulator u use?
    12. how to declare clock
    13. differnce betn latch and flip flop
    14 What is RTL?

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