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Thread: Blackout day(30 & 31 july)-india

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    Blackout day(30 & 31 july)-india

    "Here is a ppt presentation of serious Blackout Day in India"...

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    Re: Blackout day(30 & 31 july)-india

    hello i hav uploaded dis ppt earlier n itz prepared by me,,,,
    i dnt knw wat 2 do like-coz my ppt or dislike coz as u uploaed my xact ppt(copied)

    madhusmita mohanty

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    Re: Blackout day(30 & 31 july)-india

    sorry ma'am..i didnt see that...moreovr i didnt copied from you. i got this ppt in google and it was prepared by students from IIT BOMBAY.
    Thank you. SORY AGAIN.

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    Re: Blackout day(30 & 31 july)-india

    den wat 2 do??? itz my own effort i cant see my seminar ppt posted by others....
    so i request u to remove ur hurts a lot...
    btw if u havnt done d ppt of ur own den how can u upload others creation??
    hope u take my opinions +vely.....

    gud luck
    Last edited by madhusmita mohanty; 23rd December 2012 at 08:54 AM.

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