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Thread: How to Bypass Cyberoam!!

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    Chat How to Bypass Cyberoam!! college has cyberoam, it blocks sites like torrent...

    so, can anyone please tell to solve this problem...I've tried Tor...but the download speed was very slow...

    any solution, ideas, tricks...???...

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    Re: How to Bypass Cyberoam!!

    Here two ways for you to bypass server :-

    1) if you are able to get
    site then you can easily access all restricted sites through this
    and it is also 100% safe for your browsing it never shows your IP address
    2) Use tor browser .old version is very usefull because your server admin is put focus on new version they forget or leave the older version so it is very usefull in this situations...use tor set your proxy nad then use access full internet throgh server

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    Information Re: How to Bypass Cyberoam!!

    Hey ,
    try this I've got it from some website and it worked for me so this will help you for sure
    To bypass cyberoam do the step :
    Module A : Find open ports and your organization IP
    Step 1 : Download Free Port Scanner Software
    The first software required to crack software is a free port scanner software. download from *****.com/dl/13028395/0467e17/Fre...r.rar.html
    It is also available on port scanner software
    Step 2 : Install free port scanner.
    Step 3 : Detecting the static IP assigned to your organization.
    you need to find out the static IP assigned to your organization which is allocated by the ISP
    Here the site will display your IP address. Please note down your IP address which we will be using again in the further steps.
    Step 4 : Scanning open ports for your external IP address.
    Entering IP address whose port has to be scanned.
    Note the active port :
    Module B: Configuring proxy server
    Step 1 : Download Proxifier – proxy software
    To hack cyberoam required sotware is Proxifier. This software helps us to bypass cyberoam through proxy sevrer.
    Download it at *****.com/dl/12316294/d423ac4/Pro...K.rar.html
    Step 2 : Install free port scanner
    Install it on your system. The installation is typical to any other software installation on windows.
    Step 3 : Configuring Proxifier software
    The key of bypassing cyberoam lies in configuring the proxifier software. The IP address and port we detected earlier comes to use now.
    Under menu goto Proxy Settings
    After opening the proxy setting click on “Add”
    Enter the IP address and port which where detected in earlier step
    Use “HTTPS” protocol.
    Check if the proxy is working properly (Else can’t help)
    Select OK
    Done !!!!
    Now Open your favorite sites !!
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