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Thread: Project of The Salvage: Pace Dgital Receiver Decoder

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    Project of The Salvage: Pace Dgital Receiver Decoder

    I had an old digital receiver which was lying around useless. You can salvage a lot of electronic parts from this.

    Since it is a audio / video device, most of the soldered IC's cannot be used by themselves, and I am not interested to do so. However, there are many other parts you can use.

    Details of the Receiver (Set top Box):

    DVR 500 Digital Integrated Receiver Decoder
    MODEL NO.: DVR01-G
    PART CODE: 540-1601700
    220 – 240V AC 50Hz 45W MAXSERIAL NO.: PCDCAKI617442265
    Made In U.K.

    In this model you can find standalone IC’s for video processing and audio processing, a microcontroller, PCMCIA CARD and a PCMCIA Slot, with other removable parts.


    1. Lots of IC's. Video processing, Audio processing. At that time our television sits used to display mainly analog AV. These days its digital, hence the small package of your standard set top box. I have lost the list of all the IC's but I remember there used to be atleast 2 microcontrollers.

    2. There are lots of parts you can use. For example observe the 3 LED's on the top-left corner of the above image. Just on the right of the LED's are 3 push buttons.

    Parts Obtained:

    4x RCA female connectors: Good for some home projects. I may document one soon.

    1x RS-232 female connector.

    3x Green LED's

    4x7 LED segment display

    IR Detector: Which was used for the remote control.

    IR LED (transmitter): From the salvaged remote control.

    PCMCIA Slot: Useful for me because I have an ooold Acer Extensa 500 Laptop with a PCMCIA Ethernet card. Now I can use that with this slot for a wireless robotics project.

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    It's not actually a project. Please take care to post in the right sections.

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