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Thread: Gate preparation

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    Txt 32 Gate preparation

    hello everyone

    i am a thrd year student of electrical engg. i wil start my gate preparation so i want to do a distance learnng program. now i want to know that between madeeasy and gateforum which one should i choose to order the materials required for preparation?.....

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    Re: gate preparation

    I will suggest you to not to take any correspondence course. They will charge a handsome amount for nothing. Their study material is not so good.
    You should read standard text books along with all kanodia books for gate.
    The best feature of kanodia books are that, these books are full of solved numerical of gate level. All questions are topicwise.
    For better study read the GATE GUIDE and GATE CLOUD books on different topic by rk kanodia and ashish murolia.

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    Re: gate preparation

    thanx for ur guidance.......i need one more help.....can u list all the books of kanodia which will help me for preparation........and does kanodia has theory books i mean for reference

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    Re: gate preparation

    there are many books by kanodia.
    they have introduced a theory book series on each topic. This series is specially for gate. see their website. on website they have sample chapter. website is

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    Re: gate preparation

    Both coachings Made easy nd gateforum hv good study material.. but first study from standrd books, solve problms from kanoria n made easy workbooks..

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    Re: gate preparation

    yes i agree .correspondence material are full of mistakes . it is entirely wastage of money and time

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Coaching material is not good whether it be made easy or gate forum or ace. They just copy from standard text books. These material is full of mistake and error. Many place you will find information missing and inconsistency in content.

    It would be better if you do self study and read standard books. Do practice for problems. get all books kanodia. try to solve problems. if you find difficulty, refer standard books.
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    Re: Gate preparation

    dude dnt kanodia hv any mistake ?? u'll find more error in kanoria than made easy n ace material. i got selected last year by reading only study material of coaching. i even didnt touch kanoria. m not saying that kanoria is not a gud buk. but this is time to revise as much as u can whether it is madeeasy material or kanoria. at this peak time u cant go to study deeply from standard books.. if u r preparaing for gate 2014 or 2015 then m agree wid u. but for 1 mnth study dnt suggest like this...

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    Re: Gate preparation

    It greatly matter where the error or mistake is. If we find an error in data, it doesn't matter if solution is given.Because we can rectify the errors. In fact it gives the chance to learn something.
    But if error is found in text or logical mistake is found, it can not be tolerated.

    Kanodia book have only mcq and solutions. Only data mistake is there. I have read fully kanodia book. Error does not bothered to anyone in this book. If there is any doubt of error, we can rectify this.

    Coaching materials contain errors in text and logical mistakes. Standard/quality of problems and solution is not so good. This material is very expensive for no quality.

    As far as rivision is concern, you should read the same books, that you have gone through during your semester courses provided these are good books. It will make a quick revision for you.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Tell me a single error in made easy study material, not in ques.. i wont suggst again.
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    Re: Gate preparation

    Quote Originally Posted by ammusonu View Post
    Tell me a single error in gate easy study material, not in ques.. i wont suggst again.
    First learn to write correct. This is made easy not gate easy.
    I have taken coaching from Made Easy this year. Every teacher of made easy said us to read kanodia book. However they dont tell in class but if you ask them in personally, they say that for problem solving kanodia is best.
    My favorite teacher told me that he got selected in various PSU and IES only due to kanodia book. He told me that kanodia book make the students prefect in problem solving.
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    Re: Gate preparation

    go for ME delhi only

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    Re: Gate preparation

    MAde Easy is good if you are taking regular course. I am currently taking classes in made easy and their theory books are not very useful although worksheets are good.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Kanodia book is far better than made easy work sheet. In this work sheet you will not find so variety of questions. kanodia book has every variety of question. Evern made easy work sheet has questions drawn from kanodia book.

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    Re: Gate preparation

    which standard books are you talking about.....can u pease list all the standard books for gate in electrical engg. thanx for ur suggestion

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