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Thread: Does Router Broadcast or not ?

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    Favorite 32 Does Router Broadcast or not ?

    Does Router Broadcast or not ? and also solve my below questions.

    I am having a doubt regarding broadcasting done by router or not ?

    Suppose we are having this scenario.

    LAN1 { , ,, } connected via S1
    LAN2 { , , , } connected via S2

    Now Consider Switch S1 and S2 and a router R.
    See this :-

    LAN1 <----S1----> R <-------S2----->LAN2

    I Hope the scenario is clear.
    Now if computer on LAN1 broadcasts a packet.
    It will also reach the Router.
    Packet is having IP address as broadcast address.

    The Question is Will the Router check the address in the routing table ?
    or simply drop the packet due to broadcast address.

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    Ya, router checks the destination address of the packet in the routing table, to send the packet to that particular address.

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    Re: Does Router Broadcast or not ?


    Routers don't participate in broadcasting, they simply drop the packets as soon as they notice a broad cast address. In other words broadcast domains are restricted to layer 2 devices. Routers dont generally participate in broadcasting/ They rather drop the packet which is broadcasted, That is how you prevent the broadcast packets from one network in this case LAN1 , from reaching another network LAN2.

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