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Thread: Know about Electric Bus

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    Favorite 32 Know about Electric Bus

    Give me detail about A Gargantuan Electric Bus or superbus?

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    There are quite good recent inventions I want to share with you today. One of them is a superbus – a futuristic public transportation vehicle. When we talk of speedy transportation we turn towards either bike or Car. But have you ever imagined a bus which runs on electricity to cross a barrier of 250 Km/Hr? Well be prepared to see it. It is about a super bus which is all set to rock the roads.

    Recently a Dutch team headed by a retired ESA/NASA astronaut and a Dutch physicist Mr. Wubbo Ockels has designed a superbus which can travel at a speed of 250 Km/Hr. this project was initiated by Mr. Ockels way back in the year 2006 and it was designed along with TU University Delft. The bus is aerodynamically designed so that it will suffer minimum air resistance. The bus is 15m long and 2.5m width. Everything is similar to an ordinary bus except for its height which is barely 5.6 Ft.

    While it is a latest technology the only problem I feel is that only 23 people plus a driver can be accommodated in it. It will be a miracle that we will be able to ferry about 50 people if the technology as always keeps on advancing. But this problem is also overcome because it takes very less time to take people from one destination to other. So the total passengers ferried per unit time are anytime higher than normal buses.

    This vehicle also has striking constructional features. This Superbus has just 6 wheels and three axles. What astonishes me is the fact that it has no wheels in between to carry it. It has just two front and four rear wheels. In my opinion it is a brilliantly designed machine. For traveling at such a great speed it is equipped with a superb suspension system. So that you do not suffer from any bumps and inconvenience but instead you experience a smooth journey.

    This car had a test run for people of Netherland on 4 April at Valkenburg air port in Katwijk, Netherlands. It will be tested in Dubai soon. Ockels said, “The emirates would be a great spring board for the Dutch market. Procedures are much faster. Superbus if there is riding, the way to Dutch market is a lot shorter".

    Its advantages are that it is a green car. The vehicle completely operates on electricity and derives power from the battery it carries with it. It emits less than carbon dioxide than any ordinary automotive (Car). We can also charge it by any non conventional source of energy including Solar, wind any anything we can think of. If it comes in circulation then I think it will prove to be a very cheap transportation alternative to public. The most important advantage is that you can call this bus just by sending an SMS or mail. So wherever you may be in the City, you will always get a bus to ferry you towards your destination.

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