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Thread: I need this plz can anybody tell me?????

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    Information I need this plz can anybody tell me?????

    can i get control system whole syllabus book for gate 2013????

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    Re: I need this plz can anybody tell me?????

    Sorry to have noticed your posting so late.

    If you belong to EE discipline, syllabus for Control Systems is as follows:
    Control Systems: Principles of feedback; transfer function; block diagrams; steady-state errors; Routh and Niquist techniques; Bode plots; root loci; lag, lead and lead-lag compensation; state space model; state transition matrix, controllability and observability.

    If you are appearing in ECE discipline, syllabus is as follows:
    Control Systems: Basic control system components; block diagrammatic description, reduction of block diagrams. Open loop and closed loop (feedback) systems and stability analysis of these systems. Signal flow graphs and their use in determining transfer functions of systems; transient and steady state analysis of LTI control systems and frequency response. Tools and techniques for LTI control system analysis: root loci, Routh-Hurwitz criterion, Bode and Nyquist plots. Control system compensators: elements of lead and lag compensation, elements of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control. State variable representation and solution of state equation of LTI control systems.

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