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Thread: Turn your Mobile Phone Into a spying device

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    Favorite 32 Turn your Mobile Phone Into a spying device

    Process to Turn our Mobile Phone Into a spying device?

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    Favorite 32

    You will need these stuffs to make your Spy Gadget.

    Any Mobile phone!
    A headset that works with your phone.

    Now in three simple steps, you are going to have your own Spy Gadget!

    1. Plug the head set into jack.
    2. In the settings for the enhancement (must be somewhere in the settings menu), select the ‘enhancement in use’ as headset and enable automatic answer so that incoming calls are automatically answered.
    3. Set the ringing volume to zero and the vibrating alert to off so that the phone do not make any notification when a new call comes. Make sure that the phone is always quiet.

    To hear conversations secretly, hide the phone somewhere in the room. The microphone of the headset has to be kept at a place where it won’t be noticed but can catch voice signals. Inside pots, below Sofa’s and behind curtains are some areas that you can try. Remember to completely hide the phone from view so that no one would know when a new call comes.

    Now, call your hidden phone from some another phone. As the hidden phone is set to automatically answer, it will be picked up automatically and you can listen to the conversation!

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