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Thread: Concept of segment register

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    Favorite 32 Concept of segment register

    where the segment registers reside in memory is it in main memory(RAM) or in the micrprocessor memory.
    does segment has a fix size (64kb) or variable size...??
    what is difference between paging and segmentation.??

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    segment registers reside in ram. They have fixed size. Now, In page concept, u have memory divided into continuous pattern and they are recognized by their few of the deciding upper bits of program counter. In case of segmentation, u have any 64k block of memory for usage. The range of addresses is decided by Base address stored in segment register. Hmmmmmm... Have you noticed d imp advantage of segmentation?? U can have one block of memory for one program data storage. Now for another program you can switch over to another block without disturbing previous data.

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