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Thread: EEE projects list??

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    EEE projects list??

    post me the new trends of eee engg

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    Re: eee projects

    1.Electricity from Biomass
    2.Protection of Transmission line using GPS RGMCET
    3.SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
    4.HVDC Transmission Systems
    5.Bloom Energy
    6.DC Voltage Balancing of cascaded Five Level Inverter using level shift PWM Technique Implemented to Power Quality
    Audisankara college of engineering,
    7.Generation of Green Electricity from coal by capturing
    8.Hybrid HVDC Converters and their Impact on Power System Dyanamic Performance
    9.Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control of Cascaded Multi-level Inverter for Power Quality Conditioner
    10.Special Purpose Machines
    11.Wide Speed range estimation using Fuzzy controller for sensor less Induction Motor Drives
    12.Power quality innovation in harmonic filtering
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    "MG Murugesh"

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    Re: eee projects

    Power quality innovation in harmonic filtering and HVDC Transmission Systems

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    Re: eee projects

    do you have any projects based on power electronics with drives??

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    Re: eee projects

    do u hav hav ny idea about digital voltmeter ?????
    olso contactless tachometer

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