Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image compression is important in image transmission and archiving. In this paper, SAR image compression using embedded zerotree wavelets algorithm, based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT), is researched. Aiming at special characteristics of SAR image such as speckle noise, the author added a denoise step in the flow of compression, trying to do some meaningful attempt in SAR image compression. Experiments carried out show that the improvement can reduce the speckle noise and improve the computation precision and time.

Comparison of simulation results Matlab was done to verify the proper functionality of the developed module. The motivation in designing the hardware modules of the FDWT was to reduce its complexity, enhance its performance and to make it suitable development on a reconfigurable FPGA based platform for VLSI implementation. Results of the decomposition for test image validate the design. The entire system runs at 215 MHz clock frequency and reaches a speed performance suitable for several realtime applications. The result of simulation displays that lifting scheme needs less memory requirement