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Thread: Share your Engineering Project ideas...

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    Share your Engineering Project ideas...

    Many of us are having new ideas for projects but they aren't communicated..Please share if you have any idea for project in Computer science or any other you wanna share..So that our friends who are in last year would get lot help just by traversing list of projects we share...
    Let the projects be web applications,websites or windows based on android,blackberry ,embedded etc apps
    If you have project reports you can share the same just for requirement understanding..but trust me it will help others a lot...

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    Project idea for my engineering class

    Technological innovation venture for this term has us developing a mechatronic program that uses our micro-processor and development it to a operate, such as switching on a change or something when the indication or communicate is turned on. I had written a mechatronic document previously this term over VTEC, because VTEC creates use of a digital stress indicator in the VTEC solenoid to induce the gas pin within of the musician hands and so on... I'm sure you all know that. Anywho, I was considering that maybe I could reproduce the program. I realized I could do this by getting an motor go that has VTEC, whether it be an H22 or a B16, it doesn't really issue, although an H22 would be awesome since that's what I have. I'm sure I might discover one at a trash garden around here.

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    Engineering project Ideas

    Like I said before, I want to take the engine head, leave the valve cover off to show the cams and the operation. I figured I could use an external power source to operate the cams, then I would have the rocker arms in their regular operation (profile 1), opening the valves at their regular pace. Then I would set a limit or threshold on the microprocessor to regulate when VTEC should "kick-in, yo". I know it's based off of oil pressure right now but is there a way I could make this work using the microprocessor and not actually "running" the engine?

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