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Thread: Applications of Wireless Mesh networks

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    Favorite 32 Applications of Wireless Mesh networks

    What is application of Wireless network?

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    As a continuation of my previous post about Wireless Mesh Network topologies
    HOME network:
    Consider a home with a wireless router, what if there are black points where you don't receive a signal? and consider that you have used a second router to mitigate the effect of these black points? now what if communication needs to happen between devices connected to these two routers? need to travel all the way through access node . Its a waste of bandwidth. It would be much more better if these routers talk amongst themselves rather than going all the way through the Access node. Thats where Mesh Networks can be used.

    You can have a wireless backbone router network in our home placing the routers where ever needed and make a client topology network . The same configuration can be extended to community internet and mesh networks in building or cooperate offices where the mesh routers communicate amongst each other and as well as have back haul connection with internet.

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    Re: Applications of Wireless Mesh networks

    Each wireless Ethernet bridge link can send and receive messages in a wireless mesh network. Each link also functions as a router and can relay messages for its neighbors. Through the relaying process, a packet of wireless data will find its way to its destination, passing through intermediate links with reliable communication. Mesh wireless backhaul networks can be configured in a star topology or be made up of multiple types of configuration topologies.
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