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Thread: use of optocoupler in this circuit

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    Favorite 32 use of optocoupler in this circuit

    What is the use of optocoupler in this circuit?

    R6 =10Kohm
    R9 =47Kohm
    IC1 = 4066
    IC2 =4N25
    S1...11=Push button sw or keyboard
    S12=Push button normal closed
    All resistors is 1/4W 5%

    can i get an output of putting an led at 5th pin of optocoupler and by pressing 1,4,7 .
    will the led glows when 1,4,7 is pressed ,
    can u tell me any modifications if the circuit is wrong if u think
    please reply for all as i m in very hard situation

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    The only function of the opto-coupler in this circuit is to provide an opportunity to have a wide variety of output stages. For example you could connect a micro controller circuit at the output of the op coupler , or a simple relay , or a solenoid (door lock, since its obviously a security system).
    The presence of the opto-coupler dose not alter the operation of the circuit in anyway. But the circuit by itself has no meaning you will have to add a circuit at the output of the op coupler if you want to achieve something useful.

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