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Thread: Computer science engineering projects for final year students

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    Favorite 32 Computer science engineering projects for final year students

    Hi Fellow FaaDoOs.. FaaDoOEngineers is pleased to present its FaaDoO users with some very exclusive and awesome projects, seminar & presentation ALL FREE OF COST, NO HIDDEN TERMS & CONDITIONS!!

    For the First time in India we bring for our users final year projects branchwise.

    This is the thread for Index of Computer science engineering projects for final year students. Simply click on the project name to download the project. These Projects and seminars are very comprehensive and believe me if you each of them thoroughly then you will definitely get a FaaDoO Rank in ur exams!!

    --Computer science engineering projects for final year students Index--

    1.Project on library management system
    2. C++ Library Management System Project - Full Report & Source Code
    3. Online Examination System - Project Report, Documentation & Presentation
    4. Virtual Classroom JAVA Project - Full Report & Source Code - Download PDF
    5. Hospital Management System Project, PPT, Documentation - FULL REPORT!
    6. Railway Reservation System C++ Project - Complete Report and Source code
    7. Shopping Mall Management System - JAVA Project with SRS & Report
    8. HRM System Engineering Project PPT/PDF - Java Major Engineering Project
    9. Stock Management System / Inventory Control System Full Report & C/C++ Source Code
    10. Java Projects full Free Download
    11. Unique ID (UID) Management System Project
    12. Intranet Chatting Major Project With Complete Source Code & Report
    13. Java Engineering Major Project: Intranet Chatting System
    14. Dot Net Project: Advertising Agency Management Solution
    15. .NET Online Shopping Mini Project with source & Database
    16. Bookshop Management System VB6 Project - Full Report & Source
    17.Electricity Bill System - Java & oracle based project
    18. Internet Banking Project in ASP.NET - Full Source Code
    19. Source Code for JAVA Hostel management system
    20. Dot Net Project: Student Identification Portal
    21. Dot Net Project: E-Billing and Invoice System
    22. Dot Net Project: Pizza Ordering System
    23.Java Minor Project: FTP Server and FTP Client with Full Source Code and Instructions
    24. Dot Net Project: Travel Website Project
    25.Minor project in java Library Management System

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    Re: Computer science engineering projects for final year students

    touch screen technology pdf

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    Pdf 32 Re: Computer science engineering projects for final year students

    Hey Guys

    Check these pdfs. In these pdfs all information about touch screen technology in mobile is available. hope this will help u a little bit
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