Hi Fellow FaaDoOs.. FaaDoOEngineers is pleased to present its FaaDoO users with some very exclusive and awesome projects, seminar & presentation ALL FREE OF COST, NO HIDDEN TERMS & CONDITIONS!!

For the First time in India we bring for our users final year projects branchwise.

This is the thread for Index of Civil engineering major & minor projects download, Simply click on the project name to download the project. These Projects and seminars are very comprehensive and believe me if you each of them thoroughly then you will definitely get a FaaDoO Rank in ur exams!!

-Civil engineering major & minor projects download Index--

1. Abstract on millau viaduct bridge
2. Syllabus of Civil engineering for Rajasthan Technical University(RTU)
3.Transatlantic Floating Tunnel
4. Concepts of Shotcrete Technology - Research Paper
5. Civil Engineering Hydraulics PDF Download
6. Correct Low Pressure in a Water Distribution System seminar report/pdf/ppt download
7. Foundation design for the burj dubai seminar report/pdf/ppt download
8. Cement industry seminar report/pdf/ppt download
9. Empire state building case study/seminar report/pdf/ppt download
10. Hindustan Construction company project report/pdf download
11. Effect of directix on the cost of rc cylindrical and conodial shells pdf download
12. Underground water tank seminar report/pdf/ppt download
13. Alternate And Low Cost Construction Materials And Techniques Seminar/pdf download
14. A Guide For Field Civil And Structural Engineer PDF Compact Book
15. 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality In Urban Management PDF PPT Seminar & Presentation
16. Design and construction of Check dam- synopsis
17. Civil Engine Ring Project Management PDF Lecture Notes
18. Post Graduation In Civil Engineering At University Of Leeds
19. Civil Engineering Project Management PDF Download
20. Monitoring Ground Vibration Arising From Piling And Civil Engineering Project Seminar
21. Challenges And Opportunities In Civil Engineering Seminar And Presentation PDF
22.Effect of size of aggregate on mechanical properties of self compacting concrete - Paper
23. Study on portability of Flyash concrete - a Research paper
24. Paper Presentation on 3D Machine vision systems as shop floor metrology tool
25. Chute Spillway in Hydro projects pdf