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Thread: Computer Science study makes life simple

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    Computer Science study makes life simple

    Hi i am Antony from Florida, well to be short, want to share you all a good information about how to get a approved Computer Science Degree in few clicks. Nowadays getting an Computer Science degree in united states for international students itís not easy. They have to cross various steps and procedure one by one. Need to Pass many exams, qualification limits and main factor fee is very high . Some say it could be a dream to do higher education and particularly in the field of Computer Science. So itís great chance for me to share a valuable information with you all via this forum. This Forum moderators and members are doing excellent work and my best wishes to them all. For those from Asia, Africa, middle east, Arabian countries students just go and visit this website and get your Computer Science degree right away. good luck to all. Cheers

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    Re: Computer Science study makes life simple

    Please don't copy and paste, write in your own language and add your own gathered info.....

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    Re: Computer Science study makes life simple

    From which university do we get the CS degree?

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