Tips for study abroad

For master’s degree, students prefer to study abroad and their favorite destination is US. Your preference can also coincide with them because the combination of new-age education and employment opportunities is difficult to resist. If you are planning to go for higher studies in USA, keep following points in mind to avoid any unwanted or unpleasant circumstances.
Points that need special attention:
Complete your assignment: Assignments can influence your overall grades big time and a student has to work on it as soon as it is given. Usually, a student has to do one assignment every week once the semester begins. Like many of your undergraduate assignments that you did in your own country, these assignments may not be easy. But, you should try to give it your best shot and complete it within stipulated time.
Look for internship: For graduates, internship is an important thing. Through internship, you can earn money as well as invaluable experiences and ultimately, get prepared for job hunt.
Find part-time jobs: Another crucial thing is getting a part-time job in US. In fact, many students start looking for one as soon as they reach this place. It helps them take care of their daily expenses.
Tackle joblessness: You may not get job for a long time, but this should not disappoint you. Keep looking for one and have faith.
Get OPT: Graduates can apply for the work permit Optional Practical Training. If you have this, you can work for at least 1 to 2.5 years without visa. Obtaining this permit is not easy. You need to follow a complex process to get it.
Think about Visa: During your stay in the country, you will be reminded of the status of your visa almost every day. So, be prepared to face it. You will have to visit Citizen and Immigration Services or USCIS where all documents and immigration papers are processed for visa.
Prepare for exams: In USA, exams are conducted to asses practical knowledge of the students and not the theoretical one.
Check quality: Quality is a key to success! From assignments, hourly-jobs to studies and exams, you should try to give your best every time.
Thrive on sharing: Sharing a room with one or more than one person will help you check your living expenses. You should always look for an apartment near your school.
Assess yourself: At every stage, you should study your achievements as well as weaknesses to be ready for the future course of action.
General points to take note of:
Get solutions at mouse click: Type your queries in Google and find answer to your questions! For graduates, this is an important tool.
Go biking: During your stay in US, you can rent a bike or the bicycle to save money on traveling. It is cheap and fast.
Use credit card: You may have to use a credit card to deal with financial stress. But, be wise!
Keep some dollar bills: You should carry a few dollars along. But, use it only when you require.
Try hand at cooking: It may sound funny, but it’s important. If you want to survive in US as a student, it is the great option. Otherwise a huge amount of money will be spent on eating alone.
Learn managerial skills: It will take a great deal of effort to juggle between studies, part-time job and cooking. But, you need to manage it all to succeed.
Buy soda: In US, soda is cheap than drinking water. So, you are most likely to end up consuming more soda than water.
Go shopping: You can visit Walmart to get desired stuffs at low prices.
Gear up for “night outs’: When just few days are left to your semester studies, you are likely to experience frequent ‘Night outs’.
Explore US: Traveling is a good idea if you want a refreshing break. During summers and springtime, traveling is more fun in US. You can visit the famous places around, enjoy their exotic features and come back to studies refreshed.
All in all, if you are ready to accept change and face challenges, the experience of studying abroad will definitely become enjoyable.