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Thread: Geotechnical engineering

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    Swf 32 Geotechnical engineering

    (SWF FILE)


    UNIT – 1
    Preview of Geotechnical field problems in Civil Engineering, Soil formation, transport
    and deposit, Soil composition, Basic definitions, Clay minerals, Index properties, Particle
    size analysis, Soil classification.

    UNIT – 2
    Soil-water systems, capillarity-flow, Darcy’s law, permeability, field and lab tests,
    piping, quick sand condition, seepage, flow nets, flow through dams, filters.
    Soil compaction, water content – dry unit weight relationships, OMC, field compaction
    control, Proctor needle method.

    UNIT – 3
    Effective stress principle, Stresses due to applied loads, Boussinesq and Westergaard
    Compressibility and consolidation characteristics, Rate of consolidation, Terzaghi’s one
    dimensional theory of consolidation and its applications, Over Consolidation Ratio,
    determination of coefficient of consolidation and secondary consolidation (creep),
    consolidation under construction loading.

    UNIT – 4
    Shear strength - direct & triaxial shear tests, Mohr – Coulomb strength criterion, drained,
    consolidated, undrained and unconsolidated tests, strength of loose and dense sands,
    Normally Consolidated and Over Consolidated soils, dilation, pore pressure, Skempton’s
    coefficient. Earth pressure theories, Coulomb and Rankine approaches for c-φ soils, smooth
    andrough walls, inclined backfill.

    UNIT – 5
    Characterization of ground, site investigations, groundwater level, methods of drilling,
    sampling, in situ test, SPT, CPT, DCPT
    Types of foundations – shallow / deep, isolated, combined, mat, etc., Definitions, Bearing
    capacity of shallow foundations (Terzaghi analysis), general, local and punching shear
    failures, corrections for size, shape, depth, water table, Bearing capacity by consolidation
    method, insitu bearing capacity determination, Provisions of IS code of practice, selection
    of depth of footing, eccentrically loaded footings.

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    so many thanks_hadabhoda420

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    cant says it exceeds maximum size for virus to download?

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    Quote Originally Posted by RITURAJ174 View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    click on Download anyway

    Tried that, but nothing appears after clicking on " Download Anyway"

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    its not downloading

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    Favorite 32 Re: Geotechnical engineering

    You can download from here.....
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    Geotechnical engineering

    i really liked this book of urs Geotechnical engineering .

    It was gud as Geotechnical engineering covered all the syllabus..
    nic work..

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    Hey thank you very much. Its really worth downloading. It helped me a lot for my Mtech studies.

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    it is really good book i like it very much

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    Thank u very much.

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    how to download books? please help me....

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    It's simple dude:--
    you can download from following website:-
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    Rituraj Rastogi

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    Re: Geotechnical engineering

    super maamaaaaaa...........romba thankkkkkkksssssssssssss.......

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