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Thread: Article: From BOON to BANE - The Young Are Failing India

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    Article: From BOON to BANE - The Young Are Failing India

    You can view the page at

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      :Mauridia_02:agree with ur point of opinion

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      yupp what u described is true .nice article:Hyron_01:

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      yaa...u have rightly said...theze people must feel the shame of being is for noble cause, itz not for forgers..:whatever_01:

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      nicely written.
      corrupted kids :p

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      Agree with ur point...But its not exactly the young thats corrupt...Its the whole Nation...
      If it were possible to get some work done without corruption, why would ppl be corrupt...
      For instance to get a passport, U shed cash, U get it in a fortnight, or even a week...
      But without a bribe, U wont get it even in 6 months...
      The whole point is, bribe is not to speed up the process...It is for the process to start and happen...
      Speaking about the AIEEE paper leak, it is obviously because of the current reservation system, wherein a capable person is always neglected...
      Coming to gang rapes- Youth doesnt refer to a person...It refers to an age...the complete population of this age cannot be blamed for the deeds of some...
      There R many who make a difference, and care to make a change in the society...

      For instance, Education in any other nation is valued differently when compared to India..A student has a role to play in the society, he can change the circumstances to suit. But here one has to GROW UP to do anything...which makes the whole prospect of education unreal...Students tend to get into stuff that allows them to do bigger and better things at this age...

      After saying all this... I would Love to see a change in the present generation... and would like to know if there is a way of bringing it about...

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