How to Evade Interruption of mouse on sleep mode?

Usually, I have habbit to keep my pc in sleep mode. But many time it wakes up when someone touches the mouse, and then we dont know for how much time it remains up.... So what to do for that...??

Here is the Solution..

1. Start> Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Mouse

2. Click On It and Shift to the "Hardware" tab

3. Then Click On "Properties"

4. Go To The "power management" and click on "allow this device to wake from computer" and then click on OK

OK Guys... It's Done... Enjoy...

I hope This tutorial will be Useful to You, This Idea struck into my mind when i realized that Its So annoying that When you think that your pc or laptop is in sleep mode and its running.!!!:Laie_53::ignat_02: