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Thread: Increase Your Facebook Security

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    Favorite 32 Increase Your Facebook Security

    Increase Your Facebook Security

    Recently, One mail from Facebook muzzled my Inbox, Saying that, they have increased their privacy security, I really liked that, But the same thing was recently done by Gmail So Nothing new in It... I applied that security option..

    Talking in Detail, They have introduces Two Level Authentication, Which will help us to prevent unauthenticated access to your facebook account. This Means whenever you will log in with a new device or such a device on which you havenít logged in then you will be asked a confirmation code, which you will receive in your Inbox.... Seems Great na??

    One more thing that I would like to add is that, Facebook recently come up with HTTPS access, which is secured then HTTP, it means when you will be redirected from facebook secured page from another page which is not provided by facebook, then you will be asked to go to HTTP or not, So Some new beginner who do not know about doorway pages and phishing and all.. This would be very useful for them...

    Overall.. Facebook is doing well...

    I think the onlt remain from facebook is Mailing Service.......

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    yh <3 fb.
    even they made that "confirm like" check for that like jack trap.
    but still tjose irritating spam apps.. :\

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