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Thread: Ultra-Fast Laser Complete Report PDF

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    Pdf 32 Ultra-Fast Laser Complete Report PDF


    The ultra fast laser is a special type of laser that can produce pulses less than 100 picoseconds (10-12
    seconds). In the specialized literature, "ultrashort" refers to the femtosecond (fs) to picosecond (ps) range. In optics, an ultra short pulse of light is an electromagnetic pulse whose time duration is on the order
    of the femtosecond (10- 15second).

    The term ultrafast lasers is often used for mode-locked lasers emitting ultrashort pulses. However, strictly speaking these lasers are not ultrafast, but only the involved phenomena. Therefore, the better term is actually ultrashort pulse lasers. Note that ultrashort pulses should not be called "ultrafast" they
    are not faster (don't have a higher velocity) than longer pulses.


    • Introduction to Lasers
    • Ultrafast Lasers
    • History of Ultrafast Lasers
    • Types of Ultrafast Lasers
    • Important Parameters of Ultrafast Lasers
    • Theory and working of Ultrafast Lasers
    • Ultrafast pulse shaping
    • Amplification of Ultrafast Laser pulses
    • Applications of Ultrashort pulse Laser
    • Further developments in Ultrafast Lasers in near future
    • Conclusion

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