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Thread: Mobile Communication Ultra Wide Band Technology PDF Seminar & Paper Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Mobile Communication Ultra Wide Band Technology PDF Seminar & Paper Presentation

    Mobile communications field has tremendously revolutionized in the past few decades. Day- by- day many new features are getting added. Today one is able to view running images on the small screen of the mobile handset. Such features demand for very high speeds showing way to the emergence of new and capable technologies. Ultra wide band has been described as one of the most promising technologies of our times.

    Early Ultra wide band systems were developed mainly as a military surveillance tool because they could see through trees and beneath ground surfaces. UWB is true digital radio communication, a series of very short electrical pulses (billionths of a second) that exist not on any particular frequency, But on ALL frequencies simultaneously. It is just a blast of electrical noise.

    In order to hear the information in that code, a UWB receiver has to know exactly WHEN to listen in order to hear. This makes UWB very secure. UWB is pretty much immune to eavesdropping, is equally immune to interference or jamming, and because its broad frequency range includes the ultra low frequencies used to communicate with submerged submarines. UWB requires ultra low power, often one ten thousandth as much as a cell phone, and because of that low power it is undetectable by conventional radios, looking to them just like very quiet noise.

    Besides UWB has important friends companies like Intel, IBM, Motorola and Texas Instruments that are committed to making UWB chipsets or have invested in uwb startups. A UWB phone uses so little power it can remain on for weeks without recharging and UWB will ultimately be cheaper to make than conventional radios since it is built entirely of commercial grade computer chips and requires no tuning.

    These are some of the unique characteristics posed by this new technology. Because of this it is completely irresistible to put this technology to use.

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