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Thread: need finance and management information system notes

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    need finance and management information system notes

    syllabus is as follows

    Unit I: Basic of management theory & practice
    Evolution of management thoughts, system approach to management process, functions of
    manager, social responsibilities of manager. International management and Multinational
    Corporation, cultural differences in international management. Quality perspective, HR
    management and selection, performance appraisal and carrier strategies (6 hrs)
    Unit II: Finance
    Overview of financial management: goal of financial management, fundamental principle of
    finance, risk return trade off, forms of business organization .Financial statements taxes and cash
    flow: balance sheet, profit and loss account, finance topics, taxes, free cash flow. Time value of
    money: time lines and notations, present and future value of single amount. Mergers &
    acquisition: Mergers, acquisition, takeover, privatization, Divestitures. Corporate Security: Share,
    debentures & International Security (8 hrs)
    Unit III: Basics of MIS -Decision making:
    Concepts, process and organizational decision making, role of MIS in decision making.
    Development process of MIS: MIS plan, development & implementation of MIS. Strategies design
    of MIS, business process reengineering, relevance of IT, DSS concepts, philosophy and application,
    knowledge management and system. (8 hrs)
    Unit IV: E-business
    E-business enterprise: Organization of business in digital form, e-business, e-commerce, ecommunication,
    e-collaboration and real time enterprise. Modern business technology: security and
    businesses, web enabled business management, CMS, ECM, enterprise portal. (6 hrs)
    Unit V : Enterprise and global management
    Enterprise management system: EMS, ERP, SCM, CRM. Information security challenges, Global
    management: outsourcing and off-shoring, cultural, political and economical challenges, global
    business IT strategies and applications, global IT platform, global data access issues. (6 hrs)
    Unit VI: Laws and case studies
    Law: cyber law, IT act, right to information act, IPR law, IT impact on society.
    Case studies: Refer case studies given in the text book (6 hrs)
    Text books:
    1. W.S. Jawadekar, “Management information system, text and cases: A digital firm
    perspective” 4th edition, Tata Mcgraw hill, 2009
    2. J.A.O’Brien, “Management information system”, 9th edition, Tata Mcgraw hill, 2009
    3. H. Koontz, “Essentials of management: An international perspective”, 8th edition, Tata
    Mcgraw hill, 2010
    4. P. Chandra, “Financial management theory and practice”, 6th edition, Tata Mcgraw hill, 2007
    References Books:
    1. P.K.Goel, “Business law for managers”, priztantra, 2009
    2. V. Sharan, “Fundamentals of financial management”, Pearson, 2nd edition
    3. E.Turban, “Information technology for management”, 6th edition, Wiley edition, 2008
    4. R. Mclead, “Management information system”, 10th edition, Pearson

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    Re: need finance and management information system notes

    i need it too...!!!!!

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    Re: need finance and management information system notes

    here is a link which might help you

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    Re: need finance and management information system notes

    need james obrien book of management information system 7th edition...plz help..

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