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Thread: How to hide or unhide the Control Panel icons?

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    How to hide or unhide the Control Panel icons?

    The Control Panel is a special folder that contains the tools (system software) used to configure the hardware and software. For example, you can customize the mouse, keyboard, printer, add or remove hardware or program and also set the appearance of desktop using color schemes, screen savers etc. All tools in the control panel are saved with CPL extension. You can find all CPL files inside C:\Windows\System32 folder with searching *.cpl extension

    to perform the following steps to hide the control panel tools

    • First click on Start button to open "Run" and type "regedit" then press Ok button to open the Registry Editor.

      In registry editor locate the given path:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load

      First right click in the right side of the registry editor panel and create the new DWORD value then rename this key exactly as the same name you want it to be hidden.

    For example, if you want to hide the Add/Remove Programs Option then name the String Value appwiz.cpl .

    Double click on new DWORD value and set its value No under "Value data" section.

    • Close the Registry editor and restart your computer for changes to apply.
    • But next time, if you want to restore the "Add/Remove Programs" option, then just type Yes instead of NO in Value Data dialog.

    For others control panel icons name list are as under:

    Name of file Control Panel Icons

    access.cpl Accessibility Option
    appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs
    console.cpl Console Option
    timedate.cpl Date and Time Option
    desk.cpl Display Option
    fax.cpl Fax Option
    hdwwiz.cpl Hardware Wizard Option
    irprops.cpl Infrared Port Option
    intl.cpl International and Regional Option
    inetcpl.cpl Internet Settings Option
    joy.cpl Joystick Option
    main.cpl Mouse and Keyboard Option
    mlcfg32.cpl Mail Option
    mmsys.cpl Sound and Multimedia Option
    modem.cpl Modem and Phone Option
    ncpa.cpl Network and connectivity Option
    netcpl.cpl Network and Dial-up Connectivity Option
    nwc.cpl Netware Client Option
    odbccp32.cpl ODBC Option
    ports.cpl Ports Option
    powercfg.cpl Power Management Option
    sitcpl.cpl Scanner and Camera Option
    sapi.cpl Speech Properties Option
    sysdm.cpl System Option
    telephon.cpl Telephony Option
    tweakui.cpl TweakUI Option
    nusrmgr.cpl User Manager Option
    wspcpl32.cpl WSP Client Option

    quicktime.cpl QuickTime Option
    S32LUCP1.cpl Norton Live Update Option
    cpqmgmt.cpl Compaq Insight Agents Option

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