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Thread: Article: Textually Active? TXT Could Be Dangerous...Practice Safe TXT!

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    Article: Are You SMSing? STOP! READ This

    You can view the page at

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      friends this is rite but in each and every cases the risk will be there ...... if this is correct then say how could the young stars will stop messging .... this is the only way we can communicate very easily and natural language ....

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      [MENTION=1265]Ashik Kintali[/MENTION]- Yup you are right..if we dont sms and instead call regularly, then ppl will say talking too much on the phone causes cancer etc etc.

      So i n a way its a double edged sword and we must be careful about the in general usage of cell phones in our day to day lives.


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      omg stop texting!!
      that's too tough for me. (i'ma poor addict) :d_Pocket_PC:
      i was already married to my mobile.

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      [MENTION=1265]Ashik Kintali[/MENTION]- what u said is right .sms is the best way to communicate instead of calling .The radiation is all over the world .No way we can stop this ...................

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      thank you very much for this awareness..................well we would appreciate if you can also tell us some healthy alternatives to curb this prob....

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