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Thread: Ads we all HATE!

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    Heart 32 Ads we all HATE!

    Hey FaaDoOs..

    We are seeing some really creative ads on TV these days, but amongst these nice ads are some irritating and simply put BAD ads....ADS THAT WE ALL HATE..!

    Ad that i hate the most-- The KISS ads from Docomo!..Ranbir looks cool and can pass of as a stand up comedian..but the jokes in the ad are simply pathetic..

    Next in line is the shahid kappor vaseline fairness cream for men ad!

    come on guys..give us gals a break!@!!

    So what about you..?? what ads do you hate?

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    Haha..this is a DIFFERENT kind of a thread on faaDoO..!

    I also hate the KISS ads..more so i hate the abhishek bachan GET IDEA ads..

    that dude bugs me no end.

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    hate many...
    but i <3 the diarymilk ads and zozoo.

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    Quote Originally Posted by [FE].Zatak View Post
    hate many...
    but i <3 the diarymilk ads and zozoo.
    Yupss..the dairy milk ads and zoozoo ads are simply awesome..

    Hey..but this thread is all abt the ads we tell us abt em zatak!

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    Himani sona chandi chyawanparash! Sona de mazboot tan, chandi de mazboot dimaag!!! Yucksss!!

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    hate all those fail ads like docomo, few axe ads, all those stupid soaps ads(rexona, lux) and that harpick! that comes whenever i'm having lunch or dinner.
    mentos, centre fresh are hilarious.
    and the background scores of scooty pep go bebelicious, diarymilk silk(kiss me) & shubharamb, new airtel, vodafone 3g, close up(pass aao) etc are awesome ones. ;)

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    i hate that ads in which ad have no relations with the product... like sachin in castrol ad....

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    I hate the present idea ad on 3G,all the axe effect and other deodorants ads,ads on soap especially "liril2000" where there is no connection in what they are trying to sell.

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    Re: Ads we all HATE!

    all by all...... 95% of the ADS on tv are non-sense ....totally unrelated..... its more than watching comedy show...

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