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Thread: Good Engineering Colleges in DELHI/NCR??

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    Favorite 32 Good Engineering Colleges in DELHI/NCR??

    Hey faadoos

    i have screwed up my IIT-JEEE & my only hope is AIEEE. It certainly is time to think beyond the IIT's for me!

    I want to stay in and around Delhi only. So please tell me what are my options as far as good colleges in and around Delhi/NCR regiona re concerned. Some insight in this regard will be of great help..

    FYI i might get a rank of around 40k in AIEEE, other than this i have also appeared for IP univ exam and GBTU exam...

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    Re: Good Engineering Colleges in DELHI/NCR??

    hmm...well...hey [MENTION=13049]sumit.leo[/MENTION] welcome to the club!

    Well there are a lot of options for you to explore in and around Delhi. If you are looking for colleges that accept AIEEE score, then Jaypee Noida is your best bet (among private colleges). Obviously the best of the lot are NSIT & DTU. (Let me not talk about IIT-D! )

    Next there are a few good colleges that come under UPTU like, JSS Noida, Galgotia Gr Noida, KIET Gzb..

    Other than this, you also have a few options under IP University like USIT, BVP, Amity etc.

    Let me know which exam you are banking the most on...

    And have a lot of good will make it to one of them..

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    Re: Good Engineering Colleges in DELHI/NCR??

    Please suggess me top engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh
    engineering colleges in bhopal

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