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Thread: Eamcet Marks Calculation Procedure.

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    Pdf 32 AP Eamcet Final Score Calculation Procedure | EAMCET key |

    You know that from EAMCET 2009 onwards there is a 25% weightage for inter marks.

    EAMCET Key is out and so if you want to calculate your aggregate, follow this.

    • First calculate your total marks in group subjects(PCM) in the Board exam (IPE).

    • Calculate your EAMCET marks from EAMCET Key attached below.

    Now follow the procedure used below to calculate the final score.

    Calculating Weitages:

    IPE Weitage:
    Suppose a candidate get 575 marks out of total 600 marks, his / her weightage will be
    575 / 600 X 25 = 23.958

    EAMCET Weightage:
    Total marks of a candidate in EAMCET will be aggregated to 100 and 75 % weightage will be calculated from that marks. Suppose a candidate scores 100 marks out of 160 in EAMCET, his marks in EAMCET will be…
    100 / 160 X 75 = 46.875
    Now add the both weightages

    Total score = 23.958 + 46.875 = 70.833
    So this is the final score.

    Tie Break:

    For the preparation of merit list, in case of more than one student securing the same combined
    score obtained as mentioned above, the tie shall be resolved to decide the relative ranking by
    successively considering the following
    i) The total marks secured in EAMCET
    ii) The Marks secured in mathematics in EAMCET
    iii) The marks secured in Physics in EAMCET
    iv) The Percentage of Aggregate marks secured in the qualifying examination
    v ) If the tie still persists the date of birth of the concerned candidates, the older being given
    preference over the younger.

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