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Thread: Saying Good bye to friends in good way

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    Saying Good bye to friends in good way

    First, as soon as you find out he or she is moving, let it sink in. Think about it; they're going to be gone. Gone. From then on, spend every moment you can with them, do things that your friend likes to do even if you don't.

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      Do not blame his or her parents. Maybe that friend's dad got a better job, or maybe they just need to go.
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      Cry as often as you like, holding it in isn't going to help.
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      Make a goodbye card for your friend. Include that he or she was and still is your Best Friend Forever (BFF).
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      Create a special present for her/him to remember you. It can be a photo album of pictures of you two, a poem you wrote for him/her,or what ever you think of that would mean a lot to your BFF.
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      Write to them, call them, email them, IM them, all of that once your friend moves... you do not want to lose touch with that friend!
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      Make new friends, but keep the old.
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      Be sure to tell your friend that you will love them forever. If you two were really attached, then it may be best that you tell her/him that you'll call them every day (depending on your level of attachment) or every other day, every weekend, and so on.
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      You can even write a letter to make him/her special. Do not settle for printed copy. Mention the moments you shared etc. Make them realize the void in your life after them.
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      If you know how to write songs try to make one about how you feel about him/her moving.
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      On the day before he/she moves, order a pizza or something to share with them so they can spend their last hours with you.
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      They will also have other friends so let them be with them if they need to be as well.
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      Even though they are leaving, try to remember it's not like they have much of a choice. if they leave, you should have other friends to turn to. and i would like to say in my experience, when your friends move away, the best thing to do is STAY IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!! when i moved from tennessee, my friends gave me a stuffed animal, a fake starfish, and mini vanity to color on the way there. they wrote on it, too. it says, "Come back and visit! we love you sister!!!" I have those thoughts when i get angry i simply get; happy. hope this comment was helpful!

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    Re: Saying Good bye to friends in good way


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