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Thread: After a arguement**

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    Heart 32 After a arguement**

    After a arguement**
    Girl-yur fault
    Boy-*confused*=/ ok sorry
    Girl-itx ok =(
    Boy-dun be sad *mwah*
    Girl-ok =(
    Boy-smile and dun fight again
    Girl-=) ok
    10 minx later
    Girl-i hate yu
    Boy-i hate yu more=@
    2 secondx later
    Girl-=( love
    Boy-love yu too =( ..

    It never stops ..
    I will fight with yu till my last breath=) ..

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    Re: After a arguement**

    it stopped in my case bro,,, and i feel sorry for that....

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    Re: After a arguement**

    Well friend that was the sweetest argument between couple, in most of the cases Girls take much more time to resolve the fights.
    That's what my personnel experience is....

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