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Thread: Engineering IT and Computer Science?

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    Engineering IT and Computer Science?

    Both fields are related to computer. I want to know about the differences between Engineering in Information Technology and Engineering in Computer Science?

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    Re: Engineering IT and Computer Science?


    The basic idea by which these two branches were separated that CS is basically to give emphasis on the Algorithmic part of computer sciences with the knowledge of hardware, and IT is mostly the application part of CS.

    In IT more focus is how to use existing technologies more efficiently and effectively,

    But now a days engineers(including me) do not go in either Algorithmic part nor Application, just read books and give exams

    so basically both are the same things.

    So main difference is that but when it comes to placement, industry takes both as same, not much difference.

    For Industries IT and CS graduates are the same.

    In Curriculum there is a little difference but that does specified the specific branch but the main thing is the final year project and seminars you people choose.

    That majorly decide the area you are working and there are no such restriction on the project selection as per the branch.

    I hope you are satisfied with the answer.


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    Re: Engineering IT and Computer Science?

    Internet is great option for search any information in the world. There are many online website provide best details about differences between engineering in Information technology and engineering in computer science with all factor and services.

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    Re: Engineering IT and Computer Science?

    According to me most of the universities are same course content but computer engineering is mainly for the computer and Information technology is mixed of computer and electronics.

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    Re: Engineering IT and Computer Science?

    The info technology course component has been designed with more of software aspect in the course whereas computer Science includes more of components aspect like social media, processor level knowledge etc. Although some of the topics are same in both the sources.

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