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Thread: Windows Games Cheats

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    Windows Games Cheats

    Windows Games Cheats
    1. Start  All Programs  Games  Pinball
    2. Type hidden test. (You can move ball with the mouse)
    3. Type 1max. (Extra ball)
    4. Type gmax (Activate the gravity hole)

    1. Start  All Programs  Games  Solitaire
    2. Press ALT+SHIFT+2

    Free Cell
    1. Start  All Programs  Games  Free Cell
    2. Deal a new game.
    3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10
    4. Press Abort
    5. Find a #4 & click on it.

    1. Start  All Programs  Games  Minesweeper
    2. Type xyzzy
    3. Hold Shift & choose a tile.
    NOTE: The trick is to hold Shift & look on the top left corner of the Windows screen. If you see a white pixel, the tile is safe. If you see a black pixel, the tile contains a mine.

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    Re: Windows Games Cheats

    I find the cheat for minesweeper not working.But .any how nice share.

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    Re: Windows Games Cheats

    [MENTION=9192]sciengprof[/MENTION]- You need a cheat for Minesweeper!!?? Whats the fun left when you have the cheat!!

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    Re: Windows Games Cheats

    Of-course I agree with your statement.But,I'm trying to say that the cheat which you gave in the post is not working.

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