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Thread: Mumbai's 1st robbery

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    Favorite 32 Mumbai's 1st robbery

    Mumbai's first robbery......reason behind it....

    Did you Know? :

    Mumbai's first recorded bank robbery was committed by a man with a fake name 'Anokhelal'.
    He came to Mumbai from Delhi after seeing the American movie Highway 301.
    The movie was later banned in Mumbai.
    The Bank attacked was The Lloyds bank at Fort area in Mumbai.
    The police solved the robbery based on information about a 10,000 rupees worth "Chaddar" that was laid at HajiAli durgah.

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    Re: Mumbai's 1st robbery

    strange one.........robber was influenced by that movie!!!!!!!!!!! bad learning adapted by him....was a destructive minded person...
    Vrishti Singh

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    Re: Mumbai's 1st robbery

    Really strange story,Doing robbery by taking inspiration from a movie is really a bad idea in movies there is nothing real they use special affects for it and adopting it in real is unbelievable.

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    Re: Mumbai's 1st robbery

    Is this story real?? I doubt!!

    Do you have any proof for the same??? If yes please paste the link as I searched over internet regarding the same but couldn't found out anything like that.

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