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Thread: Fight against corruption : Jago India Jago

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    Fight against corruption : Jago India Jago

    This is really a special thread.Here,you can post your comment on corruption,share your experience where you were forced to give money,write an article on corruption,your ideas to fight against it and everything related to corruption.
    I hope this thread will be full of comments,because there is no dearth for corrupt people in India.
    Please note that you do not specify any of the names,because it is against the law.

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    Re: Fight against corruption : Jago India Jago

    This is a nice initiative [MENTION=9192]sciengprof[/MENTION]

    We, Indians have to cross the hurdle of corruption at each and every walk of our lives..whether it be applying for passport, or applying for a drivers licence, or simply driving on the road...

    There was this one time when the traffic policeman hauled me up for no reason and demanded money or else he will seize my licence..

    I had no option but to pay up!

    Share your experiences as well...

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