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Thread: Infraction for prasanjeet roy: Duplicate Post

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    Infraction for prasanjeet roy: Duplicate Post

    Post: project on snake game in C
    User: prasanjeet roy
    Infraction: Duplicate Post
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    Administrative Note:
    Do NOT Create Duplicate Threads

    Message to User:
    It is strictly prohibited to create duplicate threads, reuploading previously uploaded files into new threads is also not allowed.

    Please do not spam this way and follow the rules.

    You can be banned in the future for such activity.


    Original Post:
    this is for u guyss.....................

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    Re: Infraction for prasanjeet roy: Duplicate Post

    prasanjeet roy has also an signature rule violation, he added a link in his signature, which belongs to his own site..
    i know that it has not been stated anywhere about this rule, but this is wrong....
    Last edited by crazybishnoi29; 30th June 2011 at 11:51 PM.

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