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Thread: Tag lines,one liners and slogans

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    Tag lines,one liners and slogans

    Hi Faadoos,

    I created this thread to help you to get the above mentioned items on demand.
    You can post your request on any of the above mentioned items and I and other Faadoo friends will try to answer as soon as as possible.
    NOTE : Please suggest the topic name.

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    Let me start the use of this thread.
    On Sunday(5th June),we celebrated world environment day.
    So,friends please suggest the "slogans for protecting our environment"

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    Re: Tag lines,one liners and slogans

    Some of da slogans wjich i love
    1.One tree can make a million matches. One match can destroy a million trees

    2.Save water, it will save you later!

    3.Modern technology owes ecology an apology.

    4.A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man

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