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Thread: Most Commonly Used MS-DOS Commands

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    Favorite 32 Most Commonly Used MS-DOS Commands

    Most Commonly Used MS-DOS Commands

    CD changes the current directory, or displays the current directory name.
    cd\ goes to the highest level the root of the drive.
    cd.. goes back one directory. For example if you are within the
    C:\directory1\directory2> directory this would take you to C:\directory1>
    cd Example If present would take you into the “Example” directory.

    DIR displays the contents of the current directory.

    dir lists all the files and directories for the current drive
    dir/p lists all the files one page at a time
    dir/w a wide listing of files for the current drive (doesn’t display date/time)

    copies the files specified to the specified destination directory.
    copy blossom.blu a: copy a file named BLOSSOM.BLU from the current drive, to
    the disk in drive A
    copy *.* a: copy all the files in the directory currently in to the floppy disk
    in drive A
    copy file.doc c:\folder copy a file named FILE.DOC from the current drive, to the

    FOLDER directory in drive C
    DEL deletes the filenames you specify.
    del oldnews.doc delete a file named OLDNEWS.DOC on the current drive
    del c:\folder\*.* delete all files in the c:\folder directory

    EDIT allows a user to view, create and or modify their computer files. To start the
    Editor and load a file into memory, type edit followed by the name of the file
    you want to edit.
    edit c:\autoexec.bat Loads AUTOEXEC.BAT from the hard disk and allows the user
    to view and modify it.
    edit newfile.txt creates a new file named NEWFILE.TXT. This would bring up a
    blank edit screen.

    moves files or directories from one folder to another or from one drive to
    move c:\folderName\*.* c:\temp moves all the files of FOLDERNAME directory to
    the TEMP directory

    renames the file or directory you specify.
    ren a:letters.doc numbers.num renames a file on the disk in drive A, changing its
    name from LETTERS.DOC to NUMBERS.NUM
    ren *.txt *.bak renames all text files to files with .bak extension

    DELTREE deletes a directory and all the subdirectories and files in it.
    deltree c:\myfiles Deletes the MYFILES directory and everything in it

    CLS clears the screen, leaving the cursor at the top.
    cls clears the screen

    FORMAT erases all of the information off of a computer diskette or fixed drive.
    format a: Erases all the contents of a disk.

    MD creates a new directory with the name you specify. You can also use
    MKDIR to create a new directory
    md direcName creates a new directory named DIRECNAME

    removes (deletes) the specified directory. You can also use RMDIR to
    remove a directory
    rd direcName removes the DIRECNAME directory

    DISKCOPY copies the contents of one floppy disk to another.
    diskcopy a: makes a copy of the disk that is currently in your drive

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    Re: Most Commonly Used MS-DOS Commands

    The most commonly used MS-DOS commands are following:
    1. CD
    2. dir
    3. copy
    4. del
    5. edit
    6. move
    8. deltree
    10. format

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    Re: Most Commonly Used MS-DOS Commands

    to format a disk having os.......there is FDISK.....

    it will format a drive which have operating file on it..............

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