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Thread: C Interview Questions

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    Pdf 32 C Interview Questions

    C Interview Questions

    What is C language?
    The C programming language is a standardized programming language developed in
    the early 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie for use on the UNIX operating
    system. It has since spread to many other operating systems, and is one of the most
    widely used programming languages. C is prized for its efficiency, and is the most
    popular programming language for writing system software, though it is also used for
    writing applications. ...

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    Txt 32 Re: C Interview Questions

    C Language:
    1. What is the difference between Char a[ ]=”string” and char *a=”String”

    2. What is wrong with the code? The code was for conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit : degF =5/9*(c+32)
    In code this line was wrong as we want 5/9 and that to be multiplied with bracket result. But here 9 will be first multiplied with bracket result.

    3. What are Data breakpoints? Give two scenarios where we make the use of this

    4. What do you mean by Bit fields? Give example

    5. Write the function for changing a number from hexadecimal to integer htoi(s

    6. Compare two binary trees they are same or not.

    7. You have N computers and [Ca, Cb] means a is connected to b and this connectivity is symmetric and transitive. then write a program which checks that all computers are interconnected and talk two each other

    8. WAP to find Depth of tree program. We were given the structure of the node using that we need to write the code.

    9. In binary search we have two comparisons one for greater than and other for less than the mid value. Optimize so that we need to check only once

    10. Question was some what like we need to write the function so that we get the two dimensional array and memory is assigned to it using malloc function. Don’t remember the question exactly. But this was the only question in proper language

    Engineering :
    I remember only 5 questions in this. A s this was taken first....

    1. Binary search Tree was given. Find 4th smallest element.

    2. Some code in assembly was given and given five options. What is being calculated?
    Ans (XY) 2 + Y + Z

    3. Represent (-5)10 in 2’s complement representation in 8 bits

    4. Expression was given. Draw tree and then find the postfix

    5. Some commands in the assembly language were given. Then need to convert this code in assembly
    For (i=0 ; i<=10 ; i++)
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    Re: C Interview Questions

    Thanks for sharing. It's very good.
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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    Re: C Interview Questions

    please send me Asp& pdf books 7 interview question and answer

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