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Thread: Electric motor controls

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    Doc 32 Electric motor controls

    Introduction: Once the proper motor is selected, understanding the many various control devices available and their uses and limitations becomes an important part related to reliable operation and protection of the motor and the personnel using the motor.

    Motor Control Topics

    There are four major motor control topics or categories to consider. Each of these has several
    subcategories and sometimes the subcategories overlap to some extent. Certain pieces of motor control equipment can accomplish multiple functions from each of the topics or categories.

    The four categories include:

    1) Starting the Motor
    Disconnecting Means
    Across the Line Starting
    Reduced Voltage Starting
    2) Motor Protection
    Overcurrent Protection
    Overload Protection
    Other Protection (voltage, phase, etc)
    3) Stopping the Motor
    Electrical Braking
    Mechanical Braking
    4) Motor Operational Control
    Speed Control
    Sequence Control

    An understanding of each of these areas is necessary to effectively apply motor control
    principles and equipment to effectively operate and protect a motor.

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    Electric motor controls

    nic book Electric motor controls man..

    Good stuff in Electric motor controls Ebook


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    Re: Electric motor controls

    nice one. i liked it a lot

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