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Thread: Gate preparation help needed!!

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    Ask Gate preparation help needed!!

    hey can any one suggest me how to start preparetion and how to move forward?? as am not going to any coaching of gate but still want to prepare for gate not getting any direction of from where to start. right now am having books bt dont know from where to start n how to move please help.and also suggest the best books for it.your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: gate preparation

    1) Take a printout of GATE syllabus from any site.
    2) Classify subjects according to the depth of knowledge u have of tht subject.
    3) Start clearing out concepts of every topic that is mentioned in syllabus and note down all concepts in your notes.
    4) Solve only few numericals of each topic right now as January is the time where you have to solve **** loads of numericals.
    5) Join test series package of ACE and GATEFORUM (both), both are quite tough but enough for preparation.
    6) List down formulae in the form of some chart and mug up every morning.
    You have enough time for GATE 2014, if you follow above procedure then surely u'll qualify with good marks.
    Please dont waste whole day reading a single topic, use youtube or pdf notes if you have any doubt in some topics !

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    Re: Gate preparation help needed!!

    m 4th year engg student and i dont know how to easily and effectively prepare for gate????????????

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    Re: Gate preparation help needed!!

    i m 2nd year engg student in automobile what should i choose for GATE aerospace or mechanical????????

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    Re: Gate preparation help needed!!

    Gate is problem oriented exam. If you can solve problems you can crack the gate. You have to expertise in problem solving. Read in any way, but you must be able to solve problems.
    The best way for prepration is get your text books that your have studied for your semester exams and get Nodia and Company GATE GUIDE book for your branch and start to solve problem. AT first you may not able to solve problems, but dont be irritate, if you find any difficulty, refer your text books. All Nodia's gate books comes with full solution. If you can not solve numericals in any way refer solutions.
    After some time you will see that in this way you have done a lot.

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    Re: Gate preparation help needed!!

    Quote Originally Posted by zeekazi_26 View Post
    i m 2nd year engg student in automobile what should i choose for GATE aerospace or mechanical????????
    I guess you should see the syllabus for each of the 2 papers for GATE,I suppose mechanical would be closer to automobile than aerospace in that sense.

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