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Thread: Help plzzz? .lnk problem..

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    Chat Help plzzz? .lnk problem..

    all my icons turns in to .ink files

    how can i change them back .no folder is opening it is asking open with?

    how can i solve this?


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    Download Re: Help plzzz?

    Problem 1: All files on my computer have converted to .lnk files
    Problem 2: File extension of all files has changed to .lnk
    Problem 3: When I started my PC today, all my programs have .LNK attached to them and I cannot open any thing. How to fix?

    Basically what happens, one fine day you discover that all filesí association has changed. The file type has changed without you doing anything to them. When you look closely at the files, the extension of all files have changed to .lnk! Obviously you would not be able to run those programs whose extension has changed to .lnk.
    The problem here is that the registry entry of link file ie .lnk files has changed. Hence the solution is to repair this problem in registry. Dont recommend to do it manually. So use the following fix which will help you to fix the registry entry. Follow these steps.

    1. Take backup of registry.
    2. Download the attachment which is actually the fix for lnk file association.
    3. Unzip the file on your PC.
    4. Now yow have to run this file by double clicking on it.

    This will run in registry editor and will fix the issue. Remember to take backup of registry before doing this.
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    Zip 32 Re: Help plzzz?

    i have done it with more simpler than u'r trick just run this application ,there comes a app in that select .lnk files and click "remove file association(user)" that's all .all files get to original format
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    Pdf 32 Re: Help plzzz?

    see this and fallow the instructions to solve your problems
    K$!&[email protected]

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