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Thread: CAD project Ideas

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    CAD project Ideas

    cad / cam / cae projects

    1. Designing & analysing of thermosyphon solar air conditioning & refrigeration system
    2. Design of stirling engine
    3. Design and construction of aircraft gas turbine engine
    4. Modeling and simulation of automobile braking system
    5. Finite element analysis of the classic bicycle wheel
    6. Modeling and simulation of single arm robot
    7. Design&analysis of domestic windmill blades
    8. Dimension analysis of a conveyor
    9. Modeling of genith carburator
    10. Modeling & structural analysis of rear axle casing of tractor
    11. Modeling & structural analysis of camshaft of locomotives
    12. Design and analysis of turbine
    13. Design and analysis of rocker arm
    14. Stress analysis of helical straight bevel gear
    15. Modelling of single plate clutch
    16. Design and modelling of linear welding robot using catia
    17. Design and modeling of gear box using catia
    18. Basic working simulation of automobile engine using solid works software
    19. Design modification and analysis of two wheeler cooling pins
    20. Design optimization of flywheel
    21. Analysis and design modification of motor cycle wheel spokes
    22. Thermal analysis of cylinder head gasket
    23. Modeling and analysis of automobile chassis brackets
    24. Modeling and analysis of automobile drum brake return spring
    25. Design and analysis of hydraulic jack for lifting light vehicles
    26. Design and analysis of automobile frame
    27. Design&development and analysis of shaft coupling for cooling water pumps
    28. Design and simulation of a rotary power steering system
    29. Coupled structural and thermal analysis of a simple steel link
    30. Analysis function of a bicycle frame
    31. Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators used in automobiles
    32. Design and analysis of electric horn in automobiles
    33. Effect of aerodynamic force on aircraft body
    34. Design and construction of engine in aircraft
    35. Aerodynamic interference effects on tilting prop rotor
    36. Aerodynamic & aeroacoustic design of a silent aircraft
    37. Design and construction of supersonic aircraft
    38. Analysis of shaft in cooling pump system

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    Re: CAD project Ideas

    I need ppt doc abstract of Analysis and design modification of motor cycle wheel spokes project please send me links.

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    Re: CAD project Ideas

    is company projects good or bad?????????????

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