Updated Insight on Brain Programming

These ideas are on the programming of the brain. We are in the beginning stages of making this a success but i know that it can, already is, and will more so in the future . Having read a lot about the brain, it is very maleable through out the course of your life. "Programs of the Brain" by John Z. Young is a great book to read published at Oxford University. Another book is called, "The Talent Code". These two books are just the root of my ideas. It is possible to create programs that will allow someone to do things that they would never have imagined to be possible. One example or tool is instantly calculating mathematical problems with just the head on your shoulders like a human calculator. There are keys and rules that one must understand in order to make this work. One primarily just has to develop habits that practice doing these different things. Count things in your physical surroundings, multiply them, just mess around with the language of math or whatever it may be. The more a person does this, the easier it will become to make the calculations. Savants have their abilities because they often focus and naturally acquire habits that derive from their unique perspectives. This creates their special abilities due to their different perceptions of the world thus different habits formed. Skill and talent biologically develops from a material known as Myelin that is naturally formed within all human minds. It is basically an eletrically insulating layer, the myelin sheath, that surrounds the axons of your brain's neurons. (Neurons are the brain cells or nerve cells that meet and communicate with each other; they travel from different parts of the brain to perform infinite tasks.) Any activity, skill, sport, or ability has a particular set of neurons that fire everytime someone engages theirself in a certain action. This set of neurons is like a program. The more you practice a particular activity, the more this myelin sheath will grow thus strengthening the neuron's memory if you will. The more one performs the action accurately, the more skilled or talented they will become with it. Not only is practice helpful but most importantly, the creative ways a person has of practicing. (Analogy: Imagine that each layer of myelin is added as a level up or down in the skill you are working on. If one practices it correctly it will go up and precision can significantly speed up the development of these layers.) Some of the keys to unlocking these unknown abilities are the training of the mind's intuition, problem solving, logic, creative thinking/reasoning, and especially the strengthening of the Corpus Callosum. The Corpus Callosum is what splits the brain into its two hemispheres (Right = Creative, Left = Logical) which would allow these brain hemispheres to communicate more efficiently with each other. If the Corpus Callosum is empowered, your right mind (creativity) will assist the left mind (logic) in skills that involve logic. This is what Einstein did and how he created his formulas and equations. He created the formulas by associating mathematics with his perceptions of the world. He simply understood the fundamentals such as what exactly does squaring a number accomplish etc. He was not born with a Corpus Callosum so his brain adapted without one which led to a quicker rate of neurons transferring from each side. He played Violin and Piano which helped him a lot, especially piano for the conjunction of 2 hands and the training of ambidexterity. Ambidexterity helps the two brain hemispheres communicate. Improvising with intuition especially helps with, "Intuitive Logic" which is exactly what Einstein did. This means that logical patterns and sequences are naturally and intuitively created combining the musical language and perceptions with the mathematical language or perceptions. Imagination, perception, the talent code, and intuition are the keys to opening the doors. The two elements of, The Talent Code, are Motivation and Deep Practice. An example of Deep Practice would be: (Swimming in a pool with something dragging behind you. As you could imagine, that would make it more difficult to swim. This forces your techniques to improve in order to reach where your headed.) Anybody can practice the programming of the mind to create a number of tools for mental assistance. This can further the apptitude, intelligence, skills, talents etc, that are burried in the mind..This is something that takes thought and analysis of oneself's inner mind, its thoughts, thought processes, perceptions, abilities, apptitudes and so on. Once these programs are established and strenthened they will begin to work naturally. The build up of Myelin is what strenthens the programs. Anyone can relate to things that they have practiced a lot and how they seem to naturally perform these actions now. Riding a bicycle, and reading are good examples. Physical skill and mental skill are the same thing and can be built up in the same fashion. The brain is always maleable and can be reprogrammed and rewired. I believe that the complete understanding of this concept and in association with teaching could lead to some sort of intellectual revolution. Questions and comments are always welcome!