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Thread: Some Chemistry facts

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    Favorite 32 Some Chemistry facts

    1.Noble gases have comparatively large atomic sizes as they have vander waals radii which is larger than both the ionic and covalent radii
    Reducing Sugars :
    Sugars that contain aldehyde groups that are oxidised to carboxylic acids are classified as reducing sugars.

    Sugar has many polar covalent bonds, in the C-O-H groups, and the molecules of sugar fit easily into the hydrogen bonded microstructure of liquid water.

    Essential amino acids

    (a) These must be supplied to our diet as are not synthesized in body.

    (b) Some of them are

    (1) Valine (2) Leucine (3) Isoelucine (4) Phenylalanine (5) Arganine (5) Threonine
    (6) Tryptophan (7) Methionine (8) Lysine (9) Arginine (10) Histadine

    Note: Histidine and arginine are essential i.e. can be syntrhesized but not in quantities sufficient to permit normal growth.

    Non Essential Amino acids

    These amino acids are synthesized in body.
    Some of them are
    These are as follows:
    (1) Glycine (2) Alanine (3) Tyrosine (4) Serine (5) Cystine (6) Proline (7) Hydroxyprocine
    (8) Cysteine (9) Aspartic acid (10) Glutonic acid

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    Re: Some Chemistry facts

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    Re: Some Chemistry facts

    such facts related to organic chemistry are really obviuos and must one to read for preparation of any competitive examination

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